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  1. Sun-Sentinel: Taylor Giving Liberals Heartburn

    August 31, 2013 by James

    I am pleased to see that my ongoing work with Media Trackers Florida is giving liberals “heartburn,” according to the Sun-Sentinel. In an article published earlier this week, the Sun-Sentinel documented some of our successes. My favorite is liberal Democratic Rep. Joseph Gibbons saying Media Trackers Florida “really have been beating Democrats down very badly.”

    In a separate article, the Sun-Sentinel reported on Florida Senate Democratic Leader Chris Smith similarly complaining about our effectiveness beating down liberals. Smith stretches the truth in many of his complaints, so we published a follow-up article, available here, setting the record straight.

  2. Scientist Credits Taylor for Debunking Climate Myths

    February 19, 2013 by James

    Atmospheric scientist emeritus Richard Keen at the University of Colorado mentioned me in an article this morning in which he slammed Seth Borenstein and the Associated Press for making scientifically unjustified global warming claims. Keen mentioned me as one of the people who effectively “whac” such alarmist “whac-a-mole” global warming claims back into their appropriate hole. Thank you, Richard, for mentioning me in your article, which can be found here.

  3. Video: Taylor Talks Gas Prices on The Blaze TV

    February 6, 2013 by James

    James Taylor explained why gasoline prices are so high during an Oct. 8, 2012 appearance on The Blaze TV. Watch video of the segment here.

  4. Video: Taylor Talks Energy on Behalf of Rick Perry

    by James

    James Taylor advocated free-market energy policy on behalf of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry on the January 1, 2012 episode of Platts Energy Week. Watch the full video here.

  5. McVety Concedes Taylor Debate Knockout

    by James

    Global warming activist Pam McVety concedes in the Tallahassee Democrat that I mopped the floor with Florida State University faculty member Ray Bellamy in a January 2013 global warming debate in Tallahassee. Bellamy is a trained global warming presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Read more of McVety’s post-debate whining here.