James Taylor - Writer, Policy Analyst, Radio Host, Public Speaker

  1. Video: Taylor Debates Florida Solar Power Carve-outs

    March 26, 2015 by James

    James Taylor debates new preferences for solar power in Florida. Taylor’s rebuttal begins at 25-minute mark – video appears here.

  2. Video: Taylor Discusses Global Warming on PBS Frontline

    November 2, 2013 by James

    James Taylor discusses global warming on PBS Frontline in October 2012. Video appears here.

  3. Video: Taylor Discusses Global Warming on PBS NewsHour

    by James

    James Taylor discusses global warming on PBS NewsHour in May 2012. Video appears here.

  4. Video: Taylor Debates Global Warming on Hannity & Colmes

    by James

    James Taylor ticks off Alan Colmes in an October 2007 global warming debate on Hannity & Colmes. Video of the program is available here.

  5. Video: Taylor Discusses Global Warming on Glenn Beck

    by James

    James Taylor discusses global warming on the Glenn Beck show in July 2007. A link to the video is here.

  6. Video: Taylor Debates Proposed Carbon Taxes

    June 15, 2013 by James

    Heritage Foundation senior fellow David Kreutzer and I debated the issue of a carbon tax against former U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis and R Street senior fellow Andrew Moylan.

    No matter how a carbon tax is presented, it would be a nightmare for consumer living standards and the American economy. Importantly, I backed Inglis and Moylan into a corner where they conceded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency must repeal all carbon-related regulations and Congress must repeal all “green” subsidies before they would support any carbon tax.

    The debate took place June 13, 2013 and appears in its entirety here.

  7. Video: Taylor Debates Ethanol, Energy Issues on Stossel

    by James

    John Stossel has posted full video of my May 23, 2013 appearance on Fox Business News’ Stossel show. In first segment of the show I discuss energy myths. In the third segment of the show I debate Bob Dinneen, president of the Renewable Fuels Association, on the topic of ethanol. In the fifth segment of the show I answer audience questions.

    Video of the full show is available here.

  8. James Taylor Debates Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project

    April 27, 2013 by James

    Al Gore and his trained global warming presenters almost never agree to participate in public debates on global warming. Nevertheless, one of Al Gore’s trained presenters, Florida State University instructor Ray Bellamy, was apparently feeling his oats earlier this year when he accepted a Tallahassee group’s invitation to debate me on global warming.

    What happens Al Gore’s trained presenters step up to the stage to debate me in a public forum? You be the judge!

    Watch video of the debate here on climate scientist Anthony Watts’ website or here on YouTube.

  9. Video: Taylor Beats Down Renewable Power Mandates

    April 20, 2013 by James

    Earlier this month I testified in a Joint Committee hearing in the Arkansas Senate and House of Representatives regarding renewable power mandates. A renewable power activist apparently filmed my testimony, which is fine by me! In this video I explain why renewable power punishes our economy and harms our environment.

    Before these hearings, the Joint Committee appeared evenly split on the issue, with a very real chance that Arkansas would enact renewable power mandates. After my testimony, the bill’s sponsor could not get a single Joint Committee member to second a motion to bring the bill up for a vote. Ah, the power of truth!

    Check this testimony out, and share it with your friends and neighbors. Watch the video here.

  10. Video: Taylor Talks Gas Prices on The Blaze TV

    February 6, 2013 by James

    James Taylor explained why gasoline prices are so high during an Oct. 8, 2012 appearance on The Blaze TV. Watch video of the segment here.